• Image of I Was Broken When You Got Here - CD

Call Me Malcolm's new album is now available!

“..the record is set to be a saving grace of the genre in 2018.“ - Vinnie Fiorello (LESS THAN JAKE)

“9/10” - RockFreaks.net

“[a] catchy, infectious masterpiece” - Shout Louder

“9/10” - Fortitude Magazine

"An epic journey that you should strap yourselves in for" - The Punk Archive

About the album:

I Was Broken When You Got Here tells the story of Call Me Malcolm’s struggles with mental health issues. Detailing a breakdown three years ago and subsequent recovery, the band explore the dark recesses of depression, the impact on those close to them, the irresponsibility of society’s stigma against mental health issues, and what it takes to come out the other side whole.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios (Riskee & the Ridicule, Gallows, Feed The Rhino, 24 Hour Punks)